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Kristi Frohling

Finger's Nail Studios Inc.

Kristi Frohling joined Finger's Nail Studios in 1993 after successful completion of Finger's educational program. Kristi resides in her home town of Crystal Lake with her husband Steve and her two sons, Ryan and Jesse. After graduating from Crystal Lake South High school, Kristi was employed by a computer graphics company where she developed many of the skills that she uses in her nail application today.

This is also where Kristi and Shari first met and became fast friends. In the late 80's, Kristi moved to Florida for a short time, and on her return, Kristi visited Shari Finger who had left the company where they had worked together and started a business called Finger's Nail Studios. Shari offered her a job with training, with the promise that it wouldn't be anything like work .. we will just have fun all day! After almost 20 years, that business friendship still is what makes Finger's Nail Studios successful. Kristi quickly moved into the position of manager of the Algonquin Salon and then went on to manage the Dundee salon.

Kristi is a national award winning technician competing in Pink and White Acrylic Enhancement Competitions across the country, bringing the same quality to her work everyday at Finger's.

Kristi is available by appointment only Monday - Thurs, 1PM - 8PM. Call now to make your appointment with a National Award Winning Technician.

Training nail techs for Finger's since 1998