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Shari Finger

1997 Nail Technician of the Year Winner

1997 Salon of the Year Winner

"I think superstars are people like Shari Finger, who have been running a nails-only salon for 17 years. And has probably trained a few hundred nail technicians during that same amount of time. She works with little fanfare and although she has her days when she probably wonders herself whether there's more to life than nails, she runs a business that supports herself and the families of her staff of five, but contributes to our $6.4 billion industry."
     Cyndy Drummy
      Chief Editor and Publisher of Nails Magazine

Finger's Nail Studios Inc.
Nail University President and Creator of Finger's Nail Care Products

Shari Finger is a driving force within the Nail Industry. Her work has graced magazine covers and billboards, locally and at the national level, while never leaving her home town of West Dundee, IL. Her creativity and ability to think out of the box has earned her many awards and accolades.

Shari Finger grew up in Carpentersville, Illinois, and presently resides in the area. She attended Dundee High School followed by Elgin Community College where she studied Graphic Design. Shari originally made her mark in the Graphic Arts Industry working as an Independent Designer, and has worked for a large computer graphics company as a customer service representative specializing in advertising. After the birth of her first son, Jonathan, in 1987, she left her career job to focus on her new family and took a part time job in a nail salon as a receptionist. Shari was intrigued by the artificial nail process and saw it as an art form. Shari set her focus on mastering the process and with her art background she developed new techniques still used in the industry today. She continues to grow as an artist both as a nail artist and as a fine artist. Shari's oil paintings hang in her salon and are available for purchase online and in Finger's.

Shari Finger and Finger's Nail Studios

Finger's Nail Studios opened its doors in 1989 at its original location at 514 Market Loop in Dundee and opened a second location on Rt 62 in Algonquin in 1990. Finger's Nail Studios employed as many as 10 nail technicians between the 2 salons. Shari personally trained each employee and implemented an educational program where many of the Chicago area salon owners sent their staff to learn her technique. Many of Shari's students became award winners or found success in other areas of the beauty industry.

In 1993 Shari purchased her present location at 825 Village Quarter Road and combined her 2 salons to create one extremely successful salon with an incredibly talented staff. Finger's Nail Studios went on to makes its mark in the national salon scene by becoming a runner up for the most prestigious and coveted award in the nail industry, "Nail Salon of the Year". But nothing would compare to the following year (1997) where Shari made history by taking home 2 awards. Her salon was recognized as the number one salon of the year in the United Sates and Canada with 8 or more employees. Followed by the highest honor of "Nail Technician of the Year." Shari to this date is the only person in the awards history to walk away with two of it's highest honors in one year.

Many things make Finger's Nail Studios different than any other salon but one of unique qualities is the use of fresh made lotions and balms used in every service. Shari's formulations are the secret behind the successful natural nail care program  which concentrates on restoring damaged and weak natural nails to nails that are beautiful and most importantly healthy.

Shari and her staff continue to be leaders within the industry. Many of the trade journals and members of the beauty press contact them for trends and product information. Finger's is known for cutting edge ideas and is always creating new looks and applications that drive the industry. Finger's is a big city salon with small town charm.

Shari Finger Award and Accomplishments

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