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Finger's Chipless Nail Polish

Chipping and smudging is in the past! With Finger's Chipless polish, your manicure or pedicure will last weeks. Along with its 2 minute drying time you'll never smudge again. Just put on your gloves or shoes and off you go!

Chip Free Manicure

Indulge in the fragrance of our custom blend lavender lotion followed by the warmth of lavender paraffin, along with professional shaping of your natural nail. Topped off with Finger's Chipless polish that will leave your nails, cuticles and hands looking fabulous for weeks

Chip Free Mani. . . $34.00

Chip Free Lavender Mani. . . $38.00

French Manicure. . . $5.00

Chip Free Lavender Mani. . . $138.00

Chipless Pedicure

Finger's Chipless Pedicure will smooth your rough calluses and soothe aching feet with just the right amount of pamper. Topped off with perfect polish that will last a month. And, with its quick drying feature, you can put on your shoes and socks immediately!

Chip Free Mini Pedi (Waterless). . . $36.00

Chip Free Lavender Pedi (Waterless). . . $60.00

Chip Free Get Bombed Pedi. . . $50.00
(Allow 1-1/2 hours for this service)


Extended Wear Top Coat. . . $3.00

Chipless Polish Change. . . $25.00