Top 10 Questions To Ask About Your Nail Salon

10. What is included in the price of the service?

Many salons provide all inclusive service price, while some salons choose to offer low prices, only to add on additional costs once you are in the salon.

9. What are the salons hours? Tardy Policy? Does the salon guarantee their work?

The salon should have established customer policies. This is a sign of a well-run business, and will protect you in case of a problem.

8. Did the nail technician inform you of proper home care?

Nail care shouldn't stop when you walk out the salon's door. Proper home care is essential for successful results.

7. Does the salon practice good personal hygiene?

Most states require the technician and customer to wash their hands before the service. While the risk of transmitting TB, AIDS, and hepatitis are slim to none, cold and flu are a real possibility.

6. How clean is the work station?

The work area should be disinfected after each customer and all implements such as nippers, cuticle pushers, drill bits and nail files should be sanitized. Anything else should be disposed of.

5. Does the salon have a strong odor?

While, there is no known risk from short-term exposure to the proper chemicals used in nail products, for your comfort, choose a salon with good ventilation.

4. Does the Technician use a drill? Or an electric file?

Drills should never be used on natural nails. And you should NEVER feel pain or a burning sensation.

3. Is the Technician licensed?

All states except Alaska, Connecticut and Nebraska require licenses. This shows that the technician has meet the state educational requirements.

2. What if you have a problem?

Good communication is essential, You must be able to relay information between the technician and customer, This is an important point whether you are scheduling an appointment or explaining that something hurts.

1. What products do they use?

In this industry, you get what you pay for! Many discount salons use a product called Methyl Methacrvlate (MMA) in their products. The FDA has deemed MMA "poisonous and deleterious" for use in nail products, It is very inexpensive, and allow salons to offer cheap prices. Because of the FDA's statement, chances are the salon will not tell you that they are using MMA. So be aware; it is your health and well being at risk.