Mini Pedi. . . $25.00

Need a little more than a polish change but less than a pedicure? Our Mini Pedi is the solution. This time saving service includes professional shaping of all 10 toe nails, cuticle treatment, a relaxing foot message with our own Twinkle Toe Lotion and warm towel treatment, followed by a perfect polish job.

Twinkle Toe Pedi. . . $40.00

Peppermint Pedicure will revitalize your spirit, mind and feet.

Lavender Pedi. . . $50.00

Our Lavender Field Pedi restores skin's moisture balance and stimulates blood circulation. A deep penetrating moisturizing service, perfect for dry heels and achy feet.

Mango Papaya Pedi. . . $46.00

Our Mango Papaya Dream Cream, Walnut Scrub and callus serum will smooth all heavily callused areas.

Some like it HOT pedi. . . $50.00

Extended Massage. . . $10.00
(for ever 15 minutes)

Choose from a Peppermint or Mango Papaya Pedi and enjoy an extended hot rock massage. Indulge, relax and enjoy . . . makes a great gift!