To our Customers:

Implementing this policy is to protect our employees from waiting for customers that do not come or call to say they are not able to make it to the appointment that they scheduled. By not notifying us that you are unable to make your appointment it keeps your technician from being able to service another client waiting to get in. It also hurts your technician financially by limiting her to service other customers. We are a small business and simply cannot keep scheduling appointments for those who may not show.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of appointments should be done over the phone or online with 24 hours notice.

If an appointment is missed without notification:


Many people do not realize that the credit and debit card processing companies charge a business for the service which allows us to accept the cards. This service charge is based on a percentage of money charged. By allow customers to include tips on thes cards drives up our costs of doing business which we then would have to pass on to our customers. Because the entire gratuity goes directly to your technician and the salon would have to pay the percentage we do not add tips to these cards.